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Lunr Partners with Crisp to Provide Unparalleled Data Insights

Lunr x Crisp Partnership

At Lunr, we recognize the critical role that data plays in driving growth and profitability in the fast-paced world of retail. That's why we've joined forces with Crisp, a leading provider of retail data and insights, to offer our clients an unrivaled advantage in the marketplace.

Crisp's powerful platform automatically collects, normalizes, and visualizes sales and inventory data from over 40 top retailers and distributors across the U.S. This comprehensive data set spans distribution, grocery, convenience, e-commerce, and more, providing brands with a complete picture of their retail performance:

Crisp dashboards and connectors

View Crisp’s newest dashboards and connectors here 

By leveraging Crisp's advanced analytics and interactive dashboards, LUNR Capital's clients can now:

  • Track sales performance by region and chain, identifying new opportunities and addressing problem areas in real time.
  • Detect inventory voids across retailer and distributor channels, ensuring products remain in stock and on shelves.
  • Monitor inventory levels and proactively engage with buyers to facilitate timely re-orders.
  • Optimize trade spend and design more effective promotions by managing chargebacks and evaluating ROI.

Crisp's seamless integration with popular business applications like Excel, PowerBI, and Tableau means that our clients can access and analyze their retail data in the tools they already use, saving valuable time and resources.

The impact of Crisp's platform is evident in the success stories of their clients. ZURU Group, a global toy and consumer goods company, achieved remarkable results by leveraging Crisp's insights, including:

  • 55% year-over-year distribution growth at Walmart
  • 50% reduction in potential markdowns, boosting profitability
  • 86% year-over-year sales growth at Walmart during the holiday season
  • Launching trendsetting products in as little as 3 months

At Lunr, we're committed to providing our clients with the tools and resources they need to succeed in the dynamic world of retail. By partnering with Crisp, we're empowering brands to make data-driven decisions, optimize their supply chain, and ultimately drive sales growth.

To learn more about how our partnership with Crisp can help your brand unlock its full potential, email us today at