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Lunr Secures $6 Million Equity Funding to Advance Data-Driven Retail Financing

Lunr Equity Funding Round Blog Cover-1

We are excited to announce that Lunr Capital has secured $6 million in strategic equity financing, building on Lunr’s recently raised $100 million credit facility. This financing will enable ongoing enhancements to Lunr’s integrated retail analytics dashboard, which synthesizes real-time data on inventory costs, sales velocities, retailer demand forecasting, and other key retail performance metrics. This will give brands real-time insights to fine-tune their retail growth strategies, set optimal funding goals, and maximize financial performance.  

Over 50% of Lunr Capital’s portfolio comprises minority and women-led brands leveraging these capabilities to drive retail growth. Our unique data-driven approach to inventory financing has empowered rapid expansion for differentiated consumer brands across categories. This latest funding validates Lunr’s vision to transform inventory financing into a strategic tool that provides brands with the insights and capital needed to optimize retail performance. 

Check out the full press release for more details on this exciting milestone that will empower Lunr to continue enhancing its platform and further its mission: